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From: Lance Crimm (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 10:20:44 EDT

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I also have some brief, non-qualified opinions.
I agree especially about the Thiering stuff. I am sorry that the
Bible divides some; however, I would like to appeal to the Greek
New Testament Text in order to learn things that apply to our daily
lives. If you are saying that we should only read the GNT for
reading sake (which I hope you are not), then I think we will
fall in to the trap of debating over what an article means in
a particular text too much. A little is fine and finding out
what the consensus on KAI EUTHUS means is another interesting
phrase we discussed. But I think we need to be careful to not
only discuss, but also take what we discuss and learn. The
"Wondering" subject I introduced was regarding the study of
the genealogies in Matt. and Luke. I am reading them in the
GReek and English to try and resolve them. Naturally, it is wise
to take a look at other texts which support various theories.

Now another more specific GNT question for all of us...
Nevermind I will send it next with a different subject heading.

Date: 6/18/97 6:45 PM
To: Lance Crimm
From: Jonathan Robie
Carlton Winbery wrote:

>Subject: Re: wondering.... & Thiering
>Since neither of these have mentioned the Greek text in some time, could we
>just drop these from discussion on the list. Neither is appropriate to the
>list and we need to save some band width lest our mail systems be
>overwhelmed. And someone has also brought the subject of inerrancy which
>usually gets some darts flying. Please!

I'm going to say some things that are my opinion, and my opinion only. I do
not represent the B-Greek list in any way, and have no authority to do so,
but I do have an opinion that I would like to state.

One of the things I like best about B-Greek is that we have generally stayed
on the topics of biblical Greek language, interpretation of specific
passages, and other things directly related to the purpose of the list. And
we've been remarkably low on flames. I've also been very encouraged by
people asking questions at all levels, from beginner to fairly advanced.
This is a great place for a self-taught person like me struggling with the

I think we're getting a lot of new people on the list these days, and much
of the recent, less relevent posts have come from people who haven't really
posted in the past. I suspect that they may be new. The same people are
posting some really good, relevant stuff, too, and I'm glad they are here.
But B-Greek is specifically for discussion of the Greek text of the Bible.
It is not about theology, extra-biblical conjectures, or inerrancy debates.
These topics always raise lots of flames. Sometimes this may make B-Greek
seem a little dry or academic, but it keeps the discussion relevant, and
really enhances the value of the list. Personally, I like to use email to
discuss what the Bible means to me personally, because I feel the need to
tell someone these things, but B-Greek isn't really about that and shouldn't be.


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