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Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 03:38:14 EDT

>This is essentially correct, Jonathan, but you reversed
>Stephanus & Scrivener--Stephenus is the 1550 version (plus a few
>others), and Scrivener was in 1894 & 1902. Scrivener's is the
>current Trinitarian Bible Society text.
>The TC sites you mentioned are very helpful!
> I'm not wanting to start a TR-MT-NA/UBS debate here by the
>following comment, but I would like to make a clarifying comment on
>Ken Woodruff's post. The TR is not equal to the MT. The MT has
>thousands of manuscripts which fit under this title, but the TR is
>ony dependent on approximately a half dozen of these manuscripts.
>This is why there are differences between the TR and MT. For further
>info, Dan Wallace's two articles in BibSac on the Majority Text are
There have been excellent discussions of these on the tc-list (archives at
These discussions involved eklectics, Marjority Text people, Byzantine
priority people, and others.

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