Newbies at Greek and Mounce's Analyticl Lex.

From: Brad and Val (
Date: Sun Jun 22 1997 - 21:54:35 EDT

just started subscribing to b-greek last week...I'm taking the MBI NT greek
this summer to prepare for first semester this fall for an MDiv...I'm
pacing at about 3 chs/week and is pushing it, but need to to complete the
course by the end of Aug...(I'm on lesson 14 so far out of the 33 lessons
for the Gk I and II course) I'm using the Summers text with the MBI course
and Wenham's for additional ref. as well as "Geek Tutor" CD Rom by Parson's
Tech. written by Dr. Ted's somewhat helpful...the drills
and pronunciations are helpful.

Have a Greek ?:
Anyone familiar with "The Analytical Lexicon to the Greek New Testament" by
William D. Mounce? If so here's my ?: He explains the morphological tags
in the preface, adjectives are a-1, a-2, etc. verbs are v-1, v-2 etc and so
on. But for the word "de/comai" ("to take") (this list uses the Thesaurus
Lingae Graecae encoding scheme?...I notice alot of CAPITALS?), for example,
what is the b and (2) on the morph. tag, v-1b(2) ? And is this an
indication that it is a deponent verb, or is that understood by the
spelling of the root word?

Thanks, and I hope this isn't below the level of this mailing list...??
I'm enjoying all of your dialog so far and see it as another resource to
learn the Word.
Brad Swartz

ps Is there a NT Greek resource list for the web?

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