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From: Gregory and Carol Yeager (
Date: Mon Jun 23 1997 - 18:18:22 EDT

Tis a curious thing, this word anthropos. It seems it can only be
translated accurately into modern English in male terms. "Protect God's
Word!" The word sarx is also a Greek word. In the NIV, it is
translated in many "interpretative" ways: "sin nature, body, ktl."
Interesting there is no hullabaloo over that! I think it's just a
little bit overzealous and even a bit pretentious to condemn
interpretation in one instance, while ignoring it in other instances.

(Ever so) humbly,

Gregory Yeager

Paul S. Dixon wrote:
> The June 14/21 issue of World magazine reports the following:
> In a surprise development, the board of the International Bible
> Society
> announced at 7:00 a.m. on May 27 that it will preserve the
> current
> New International Version of the Bible and discontinue all plans
> to
> develop a new, gender-neutral version of the NIV.
> Much thanks to Tim Bayly, John Piper, Wayne Grudem, Vern Poythress, James
> Dobson, Joel Belz, Charlie Jarvis and R.C. Sproul who were instrumental
> in effecting this decision (read article).
> John Piper brought forward at least 5 passages of "serious
> mistranslations." I submit them for your consideration:
> 1. Rev. 3:20 where the NIVI had, "Here I am! I stand at the door
> and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in
> and eat with them, and they with me."
> The "them" and "they" translate respectively AUTON and AUTOS
> (both singular in the Greek).
> 2. Num. 8:17a where the NIVI had, "Every firstborn male in
> Israel, whether human or animal, is mine ..." Here "human" renders the
> Hebrew ADAM (contrast NIV "man").
> 3. Acts 1:21-22 where the NIVI had, "Therefore it is necessary
> to choose one of those who have been with us the whole time the Lord
> Jesus went in and out among us..." The phrase "one of those" renders
> ANDRWN ...hENA TOUTWN (contrast NIV, "one of the men").
> 4. Jn 11:50 where the NIVI had, " ... it is better for you that
> one person die .." where "one person" renders hEIS ANTHRWPOS (contrast
> NIV, "one man").
> 5. 1 Cor 15:21 where the NIVI had, "For since death came through
> a human being ..." where "human being" renders ANTHRWPOU (contrast NIV,
> "man").
> I am personally grateful to God for raising up such men as defenders of
> His Word and for the decision made to "discontinue all plans to develop a
> new, gender-neutral version of the NIV."
> Paul S. Dixon

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