Re: "The Stealth Bible Exposed"

From: Stephen C. Carlson (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 00:06:20 EDT

The real issue, of course, is not the meaning of the Greek; that seems
clear enough in these examples. The real issue, on the other hand, is
the meaning of the English word "man" and "he." Detailed study of the
Greek language won't address that vexing problem.

Personally, I'm rather partial to translating ANQRWPOS/ANQRWPOI as
"person"/"people." The English words "person" and "people" are quite
common, and I think a good translation should sound like common
English. In other words, those words should be frequently found in
translated text. It is less common to use "man" generically (I find
the connotations of adultness in the term to be stronger than the
connotations of masculinity), so my opinion of a good translation
should prefer the more usual to the more stilted.

Stephen Carlson

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