Re: "The Stealth Bible Exposed"

From: Paul S. Dixon (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 12:43:03 EDT

It is entirely possible that ANQRWPOI and ADELPHOI (which often
refer to men and brothers respectively and exclusively but never
refer to women and sisters respectively and exclusively) are used
as a way of viewing or addressing the general population through
its male leadership. If men are the heads of their families, for
example, then an address or reference to them is an address or
reference to their bodies, their wives, and to their families.

If so, then to translate ANQRWPOI and ADELPHOI as "mankind"
and "brothers and sisters" respectively would miss the mark.
It would ignore the male leadership motif.

Paul S. Dixon, Pastor
Ladd Hill Bible Church
Wilsonville, Oregon

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