The Stealth Bible Exposed

From: Mark Arvid Johnson (
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 21:33:05 EDT

Gregory Yeager wrote:

<<Tis a curious thing, this word anthropos. It seems it can only be
translated accurately into modern English in male terms. "Protect God's
Word!" The word sarx is also a Greek word. In the NIV, it is
translated in many "interpretative" ways: "sin nature, body, ktl."
Interesting there is no hullabaloo over that! I think it's just a
little bit overzealous and even a bit pretentious to condemn
interpretation in one instance, while ignoring it in other instances.>>

Consistent critiques of dynamic equivalence cover over interpretation
through out. Perhaps an advocate of dynamic equivalence, such as James
White, would care to join the discussion.

Mark Arvid Johnson

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