Re: Junia EN TOIS APOSTOLOIS (and Andronicus too)

From: Bill Chapman (
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 15:41:51 EDT

> >Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> >My premise or understanding here would be this. If there is no pure
> >grammatical security here to 100% state that IOUNIAN is definitely
> >feminine, then internal evidence should have some weight.

Does the posting of Jonathan Robie <> with
respect to the gender of words and the sex of persons also apply
to proper names in Koine Greek, the same way it does in English?

I.e., Could there really be "A Boy Named Sue?" Is Francis only
given to girls? Was the long-haired, curvacious barber who cut
my hair last week really male, since her name was Joe? And what
about the naming of Sisters with male saints' names in the Roman
Catholic tradition?

If these anomalies between names/gender/sex exist today, why not

I would suggest that conclusively proving the gender of IOUNIAN does
not conclusively prove the sex of the person so called, and that this
verse/name does not provide evidence for or against maleness of

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