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Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 10:43:01 EDT

Lemuel's claim that one canonical passage may only be understood in light of
others has some problems. For starters, why should we assume that Luke's
understanding of the apostolate is the same as Paul's? Second, extracanonical
sources are invaluable for assessing the gender of proper names. While it is
grammatically conceivable that Junian might refer to Junias (a man), we know of
no other Junias from the period. Conversely, we have evidence of scads of
women named Junia. (Since I'm moving, and most of my library is packed, I
can't find a solid count. Please consult Bernadette Brooten, "Junia . . .
Outstanding among the Apostles," in L. Swidler and A. Swidler, eds., _Women
Priests_ [New York: Paulist, 1977].)

>>The case in Acts of the choice of Matthias by lottery has
only one thing by attestation, he was never heard since after that event.
The attestation that we should be looking for is the proof of the ministry
of an apostle. All the men 11 + 1 has ample proof of that.<<

I'm not sure what Lemuel means, and will apologize if I've misunderstood, but I
take it that he's claiming that Luke limits the title "apostle" to those 11 + 1
who get clear "attestation." I hope not, since Luke's use of the term
APOSTOLOS includes Barnabas and Paul, as well as the 11 + 1 (cf. Acts 14:4,

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