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>>In Acts 21:9, Paul visits Philip the evangelist, who had four virgin
>>daughters who were prophetesses...Yet Paul seems to indicate that women
>>even speak in church in 1 Tim 2:12 ff and 1 Cor 14:34 ff. Could there
>>really be a prophetess who couldn't speak in church? What exactly would such a
>>prophetess do?
>>P.S. the last time I confronted these questions was the time that a
>>woman asked me if I would sit under a woman. I replied that it depended a
>>great deal on how much the woman weighed...
>I suppose that would also depend upon your marital state! :)

Hmmm...I actually wasn't thinking of sexual connotations at all, I was
thinking of self-preservation! When it comes to marital state, well, there
*is* one woman to whom I'm married, I know exactly how much she weighs, and
I'd be quite willing to sit under her...but it is still more comfortable to
sit next to her.

>Anyhow, there were most certainly women prophetesses, like Anna, for
>example who SPOKE (LALEIN! Look it up!) in the temple! So, women are
>not to speak (LALEIN, 1 Co 14:34) in the assembly, but, of course, Anna
>did this with God's sanction. Or, 1 Cor. 11:5, a mere few hundred words
>before the injunction against speaking in 1 co 14, where women are to
>prophesy with their heads covered. I refuse to believe that either God
>or Paul are schizofrenic, ergo I know there is some way to understand
>these as not contradictory. That way would be to understnad the
>differences in office between prophet(ess), deacon(ess), overseer, etc.
>I can also confidently assert that I have no clue yet what the office of
>prophet(ess) entails, short of some fashion of "forthtelling God's Word."

Hey, that 1 Cor 11:5 passage is especially interesting, so close to 1 Cor
13:34. It seems like if I would just stare at these passages for a few more
decades, something ought to happen that would make me understand...


P.S. the way you spelled "schizofrenic" clearly indicates you have been
reading *lots* of Greek!

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