EUDOKIA in Phil 2:13

From: David Housholder (
Date: Sun Jun 29 1997 - 10:53:57 EDT

Philippians 2:13 ends with hUPER THS EUDOKIAS commonly translated "for his
good pleasure" The English phrase sounds as though it is for the personal
joy of God that he works in people to will and do the things Paul has been
speaking about.
I believe, however, that EUDOKIA is usually =in= or =on behalf of= others.

About this use BAGD suggests "above and beyond good will or in his (Gods)
good will."

"Above and beyond good will" could refer to motivation. Doing more than
just what ordinary good will toward others would require or enable. "In his
good will" could suggest the empowering source of the willing and doing is
in God's attitude toward his people. In other words, he does not enable
people grudgingly but as a positive result of the favor he has for them.

I would appreciate the comments of others as well as suggestions as to how
to best express Phil. 2:13 in English.

David Housholder
Marietta, Georgia

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