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From: Robert J. Petry, C.L. (
Date: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 02:36:14 EDT

Micheal Palmer wrote:

> At 7:18 PM -0700 6/22/97, Robert J. Petry, C.L. wrote:
> >Has it ever been considered that Revelation is written with this idea
> >presented up front? "The revelation of Yahshua..." and not of John,
> and
> >that therefore most of the writing is of quotes transcribed by John.
> What are you quoting when you say "The revelation of Yahshua"? The
> book of
> Revelation does not say it as a revelation "of Yahshua", but a
> revelation
> IHSOU CRISTOU. . . TWi DOULWi AUTOU IWANNHi (Rev. 1:1) What exactly
> did you
> mean?

Mark,Thanks for the note. If you will compare the earlier usage of IHSOU
in the LXX, reference the "General" who followed Moses, (a whole book is
named after him) you can get an idea of why I wrote what I did. I do not
believe he is called "Jesus", even though the Greek word is the same,
and he was called IHSOUS in the LXX long before the physical Messiah
came on the scene. I have written a 200 page self-published book on this
topic, but don't wish to bring it to this list as the total subject is
probably not (though I may be wrong in thinking so) appropriate for
B-Greek list. Hope this answers part of your question.
Al l ub a v,
Bob Petry

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