Re: SIGATW in 1 Cor 14:34

From: Theresa J List, Dcs (
Date: Thu Jul 03 1997 - 05:16:47 EDT

>Precisely. Why would Paul tell women what to wear while shaming
>in the temple? Wouldn't he just tell them to not shame themselves in
>the temple?

"Dear St. Paul,

 I'm planning on shaming myself publically at the temple next month, you
know, doing a little forbidden prophesying. Do you think I should weara
black veil or a less formal brown one?" -- a fashionable heretic

"Dear Fashionable heretic,
Go with the black. It'll bring out the rebellious lightning in your eyes
just so." --St. Paul

[Does seem to be a bit of a silly argument, doesn't it? I just couldn't
resist! :) ]

Theresa List

"Oh, good advice, thanks!"

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