Re: Ro.5:19

From: James H. Vellenga (
Date: Fri Aug 01 1997 - 08:22:40 EDT

> paul wrote:
> I need to know why kathistimai in Ro. 5:19 is translated "made" when
> most lexicons and systematic theologies (Reformed)define it as
> "constituted"

For brevity, I will not "include" the responses from Trevor and
Carl, but I just wanted to add an observation from my own
through-the-NT-with-a-thesaurus study of the word that a fair
English equivalent for most purposes is "designate." It carries
senses 2) and 3) from Trevor's quotation of BAGD, and may be
a fair equivalent of the older sense of "constitute" referred to
by Carl. Hence, in this verse, "... the many got designated sinners
... the many will get designated upright."

BTW, Carl, the KJV does use "were made/be made."


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