Re: hAPAX LEGOMENA revisited

From: Robert J. Petry (
Date: Sun Aug 03 1997 - 17:36:55 EDT

McKay family wrote:

> There are about 1550 hAPAX in the NT, and 4022 words that occur 3
> times
> or less. However, if you learn just 26 words, you can read half of the
> words in the NT. [Psst! Don't tell the newbies that this is not taking
> account of parsing and conjugating!]
> Of course, being able to read KAI and DE, etc will not really help you
> to actually read the NT, but if you learn 200 words, you certainly
> could, because you would be able to read 75% of the NT.

Thanks for this info. This is why I began a year ago to produce a "Teach
Yourself Hebrew and Greek by Reading the Bible" series of self-published
books. I believe one can learn to do this, and thusly, get more of the
sense of what the writers were really saying. And, the student, once
finished, if he or she properly reads and reviews, should be able to
read upwards of 75% of the New Testament in Greek by the time they
finish the New Testament series. That is without having to touch a
grammar or dictionary or lexicon during the initial stages of learning.
So far I have completed Revelation and am quite a ways into Matthew.
Began with the last book first for a reason. Anyway, this helps support
my premise for doing the project.

Bob Petry


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