TE . . . KAI

From: Clayton Bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Sun Aug 03 1997 - 09:29:52 EDT

In Acts 6:12 we have a TE . . . KAI which sent me to BDF
#443,444 for help. It seems that TE in this context is
linking clauses and the following KAI is linking nouns.
What I cannot figure out, reading BDF, is whether this
is an example of TE operating on it's own or an example
of TE . . . KAI. I am leaning toward to first
explanation but am rather befuddled (as usual) by BDF's
discussion of the topic. I am guessing that Luke chose
TE here because of the close connection between the
events transpiring in the joined clauses.

Can anyone clarify what is going on here?

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point


Has anyone noticed how Carl Conrad is able to figure out
what I am saying even when I use the wrong words, like
grave/acute in my question about TIS. I wonder if this
has any implications for semantics?

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