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Date: Mon Aug 04 1997 - 05:40:58 EDT

Jim West wrote:
> At 01:29 PM 8/3/97 +0000, Clay wrote:
> >In Acts 6:12 we have a TE . . . KAI which sent me to BDF
> >#443,444 for help. It seems that TE in this context is
> >linking clauses and the following KAI is linking nouns.
> >What I cannot figure out, reading BDF, is whether this
> >is an example of TE operating on it's own or an example
> >of TE . . . KAI. I am leaning toward to first
> >explanation but am rather befuddled (as usual) by BDF's
> >discussion of the topic. I am guessing that Luke chose
> >TE here because of the close connection between the
> >events transpiring in the joined clauses.
> >
> >Can anyone clarify what is going on here?
> >
> Translate with "both..... and" and all will be clear.

That may be what TE . . . KAI means generally. But if that is the case then in
Acts 6:12 we must have a TE operating on it's own because that translation
would make no sense in this context.

> At 01:29 PM 8/3/97 +0000, Clay wrote:
> >Has anyone noticed how Carl Conrad is able to figure out
> >what I am saying even when I use the wrong words, like
> >grave/acute in my question about TIS. I wonder if this
> >has any implications for semantics?
> Its just called thoughtful reading. Those of us with children listen to
> what they mean instead of what they say all the time.

I suspect that you do not communicate with your childern exclusively by
e-mail over thousands of miles. I suspect you have met your children.
There is very little parallel between these two situations. Carl Conrad
reads an ASCII stream of text. That is almost like reading an ancient
document. Not quite, since Carl and I live in similar cultures and in the
same period of history and speak the same language. But from a linguistic
standpoint it is quite unfair to compare spoken communications carried
on in person between family members with e-mail between more or less
strangers. The contextual information in an e-mail message is very
limited by comparison to spoken communication in person with family

Thanks for your response.

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

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