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Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 10:12:12 EDT

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<<I would deem both verbs middle/reflexive; as I have indicated in the past,
I would really rather not ever use the word "deponent." I can understand
why some might want to consider METAMORFOUSQE a passive, and I think it
almost comes out the same way as I view it, but nevertheless I think the
sense of METAMORFOUSQE is not "be transformed" but "let yourself be
transformed"--Yes, the transformation is God's doing, but the commitment is
on the part of the believers whom Paul is addressing.>>


How are you seeing the use of the middle voice. A direct middle would be
tranlated "transform yourselves." Your translation seems more of a passive
sense. I see little difference between "be transformed" and "let yourselves
be transformed."

Charles Powell

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