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        Hello David
        Thanks very much. Surprised Fitzmeyer doesn't mention Josephus
        but maybe it has to do with the fact that the text (whether
        really by Josephus or not) has been tampered with to include
        blatant Christian references. In fact the reason I was asking
        was to try and assess whether the entire document is a fabrication,
        but given the emphasis on Abraham and the Rabb. references you have
        just supplied it seems there is a genuine Jewish text underlying
        the "additions".

        A related question (and I'm sorry for constantly asking bibliography
        questions) does anyone know of any other Jewish apologetics (in Greek)
        apart from Antiquities of the Jews, contemporary to the NT?


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>Steven Cox <> wrote:
>> Apart from Luke 16 and Josephus' "Discourse concerning Hades"
>> has anyone ever come across any other Jewish Greek descriptions
> I wasn't able to find your reference in Josephus; but Joseph
>Fitzmyer, in his commentary on Luke in the Anchor Bible Commentary series,
>has a note on "to Abraham's bososm" in vol. 2, p. 1132 of his commentary.
>He mentions Echa Rabb. 1.85; Pesqita Rabb. 43 # 108b from the late
>midrashim, and the Babylonian Talmud, b. Qidd. 72a-b among other sources.
>I hope this helps,
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