Re: beginning in the imperfective

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Aug 11 1997 - 10:52:01 EDT

At 09:35 AM 8/11/97 -0400, Mari Broman Olsen wrote:

>As I tried to make clear in previous messages, I allow the beginning
>to be included (but not require it, hence whether it is or not is
>pragmatic, rather than semantic). Exclusion of the beginning is one
>of the weak points of Carlota Smith's (The Parameter of Aspect, 1991)
Let me try to interpret this: as I understand it, you say that the imperfect
does not, in itself, include the beginning, but it does not exclude it
either, and the remaining context may cause the force of an imperfect verb
to include the beginning as well as the ongoing activity.

Is this an accurate portrayal of your views?


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