IAW Kurios Pantokrator = Jehovah/YHWH?

From: LegoMan07@aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 17:57:17 EDT

While researching in BAGD under "Eimi," there was a reference to PMich 155,3
(2nd century) hO QEOS hO IAW KURIOS PANTOKRATOR. I think that IAW was a
Greek transliteration of YHWH in the Koine period as "Jehovah" is an English

I do not have a reference to PMich. 155 and was hoping that someone could
give me a reference to where I could find a commentary on this citation.

Also, where can I find more information on the Greek word IAW, it's origin
and use? I am aware that it was later used in an ignominious fashion by
certain groups, but did it have honorable origins?

References to any commentaries, reference works, or scholarly opinion would
be appreciated.

Thank You,
Mitchell Andrews

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