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Here are some miscellaneous notes I have on Iao. It is found on coins,
amulets, etc.
It was a popular name of a gnostic god, and perhaps a name to conjure with.
I hope something is useful.


For when Apollo of Claros was asked who among the gods was to be regarded
as the god called Iao {perhaps a form of Jah; cf. Diodorus Siculus 1.94},
he replied:
        [20] Those who have learned the mysteries should hide the
unsearchable secrets, but, if the understanding is small and the mind weak,
then ponder this: that Iao is the supreme god of all gods; in winter,
Hades; at spring’s beginning Zeus; the Sun in summer; and in autumn, the
splendid Iao
-Book 1, 18.19-20 Macrobius, The Saturnalia, tr. P. V. Davies (NY: Columbia
U. Press, 1969), p. 131.

The one who is first from the Mother is Ialdabaoth; the next, Iao; the
next, Sabaoth; the fourth, Adonaios [Adonai]; the fifth Eloeus [Elohim];
the sixth, Oreus; the seventh and most recent of all, Astaphaeus. These
heavens and excellences and powers and angels have places in heaven
according to their generation, and they invisibly reign over things
celestial and terrestrial.
-“The Sethian-Ophites,” Other Bible, p. 61.

Clement of Alexandria transliterated the name {Yahweh} into Greek in the
form Iaoue.
- “Spelling the Sacred Name: V or W?” (Kingdom City, MO: Yahweh’s New
Covenant Assembly, 1992), p. 6.

[Valentinian Sys. of Ptolemaeus]
Then the Limit which was hindering her [Sophia seeking the light] in her
forward striving said, “Iao.” This is the origin of the name Iao.
-“Valentinus and the Valentinian System of Ptolemaeus,” Other Bible, p. 614.

And Iao, the supposed sun-god, was early represented as a golden calf.
-Cook, Zeus, a Study in Ancient Rel., vol. 1, p. 236.

And as Horos thus obstructed her further progress, he exclaimed, IAO,
whence they say, this name Iao derived its origin.
-“Irenĺus Against Heresies,” The Ante-Nicene Fathers,vol. 2, Ed. A.
Roberts, James Donaldson (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publ., 1967),
p. 321

Archons of Archons of
Apocryphon of John Ophites (Origen) Planet Powers

Iaoth Astaphaios (Horaios) Moon Pronoia
Eloaios Horaios (Eloaios) Mercury Divinity
Astaphaios Eloaios (Astaphaios) Venus Goodness
Iao Adonaios [JHWH] Sun Fire
Sabaoth Sabaoth Mars Kingship
Adoni Iao Jupiter Synesis
Sabbataios Ialdabaoth Saturn Sophia
-R. Van Den Broek, “The Creation of Adam’s Psychic Body in the Apocryphon
of John,” Studies in Gnosticism and Hellenistic Religions,Eds. R. Van Den
Broek, M.J. Vermaseren (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1981), combination of tables on
pp. 39, 48.

dunameis - functions, force, powers, mathematical powers, properties,
characteristics, effects, capacities. Gnostic: dunameis, e.g. Iaoth, Iao.

YHW - the God of the fathers; Iao. [Heb. why] writes on 8/7/97:

> References to any commentaries, reference works, or scholarly opinion would
> be appreciated.
> Thank You,
> Mitchell Andrews

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