RE: IAW Kurios Pantokrator = Jehovah/YHWH?

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Date: Sat Aug 09 1997 - 11:31:46 EDT

Wes Williams <> wrote:

>What is interesting here to me is the question of whether or not the
>nomina sacra was pronounced during this period (1BC - ?). If the Jews
>merely wrote the Tetragrammaton but did not pronounce it, why translate
>it as IAO, a pronounceable form? My present view is that the translation
>of YHWH into a Greek form is a line of evidence that they did indeed
>pronounce the written name in this period.

        Most all the references to the transliteration of the Tetragrammaton
mentioned in Deissmann's _Bible Studies_ are either from the Christian
Fathers or from heathen sources (Deissmann, _B.St._, p. 322). I suppose
that would, at least generally, hold true throughout our period.

        According to Su:rer's _The History of the Jewish People In the Age
of Jesus Christ_, the Tetragrammaton was only pronounced by the Jews in the
priests' activities in the temple worship (Shu:rer, _HJPIAJC_, [1979],
II:306). He notes, "Outside the Temple, according to the passages cited,
not even the priests were allowed to pronounce the sacred Name. This fact
is obviously already presupposed by Ecclus. 50:20. Philo too observes that
the Name of God may be heard and uttered only in the Sanctuary..." (_Ibid._,
n. 54).


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