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At 11:46 PM 8/12/97 +0800, Steven Cox wrote:
> How can "rational" be applied to an inanimate object
> like "pure milk"? Or does it somehow relate to the
> "desiring" of this milk as opposed to something else?
> Yet how can it? What am I missing?
LOGIKOS does not always mean "logical, rational". Louw and Nida have a good
description of this:

73.5: logikos, hv, ovn : pertaining to being genuine, in the sense of being
true to the real and essential nature of something - `rational, genuine, true.'
thn logikhn latreian humwn `this is your true worship' #Roma 12:1 ;
hws artigennhta brefh to logikon adolon gala epipoqhsate `as
newborn babes you drank the true, unadulterated milk' #1Pet 2:2 . Since
in #1Pet 2:2 the context is figurative, some translators have preferred to
render logikos as `spiritual,' so as to make the reference not literal but


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