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>In answer to Trevor Peterson"s query about Panthera, the supposed (by
>hostile Jewish tradition? - Bienert finds this perhaps questionable
>[see below]) father of Jesus, I think the following
>references might prove useful. They are to be found in W.
>Schneemelcher (ed.) *New Testament Apocrypha* (Rev., trans. R. McL
>vol. 1 (Cambridge: James Clark, 1991):


Thanks for the info., although I didn't initiate the query. I've also
read in one place or another that John 8:41 may include a veiled
reference to this idea: EIPAN OUN AUTWi: hHMEIS EK PORNEIAS OU
GEGENNHMEQA. Since a strong emphasis is on "we," some have taken it to
be more than just a defense of their own position but also an implied
accusation against Jesus's.

>"A special problem is posed by the statement in Epiphanius (*Pan*
>78.7.5) that Jacob, Jesus' grandfather, had the surname 'Panther'.
>According to Eusebius (*Ecl. Proph.* III.10) this statement was made
>with slanderous and defamatory intent (cf. also Cesus in origen, *c.
>Cels. I.32f.; 69). How far Jewish traditions played a apart here, as
>is often assumed, is a debated question." (p. 487)


I'd guess this is probably the sort of thing our original inquirer was
looking for. I don't know how much he was interested in the stories as
opposed to where the name itself actually originated.

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