Re: Rahlfs Septuaginta - Any particular publisher?

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Sun Aug 17 1997 - 11:57:36 EDT

Wes Williams asks:


Can someone please tell me what the differences are between the following
three Rahlfs Setuaginta other than the prices?

United Bible Society $30
ISBN: 3438051206

United Bible Society $43.99
ISBN: 3438051214

American Bible Society $52.95
ISBN: 3438051214

Two are by UBS, with differing ISBN's. One is from ABS, with the same ISBN
as the second UBS. Is there supplementary info in the ABS to justify the
additional price?



They all are the same text and page-for=page the same. One is a reprint of
the "original" two-volume edition, with reasonably-sized type. The cheaper
one is a one-volume, reduced-size type. I use the larger 2-volume set in
my office and in my study (yes, I keep two sets of almost all the basic
tools--expensive, but necessary, since it saves lots of gasoline at times);
the smaller single-volume-binding I carry to classes or meetings.
Both are printed in Stuttgart.

ABS prices for UBS/Stuttgart-printed books came down a few months ago, from
their incredibly inflated prices. They are still very high, but cost much
less than if they had been published by a commercial house.

Edward Hobbs

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