Re: Help with Font

Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 07:55:00 EDT

> Asking for help with a font:
> Need Biblical Greek font that works in Windows 95 to create pages in
> Netscape for publishing to web site.
> Anyone know where to obtain same?
> Much appreciate any leads,
> Lex.


Try the following link. It's for the "TC:A Journal of Biblical

They have recommended the use of a set of fonts (including Hebrew, Greek,
Syriac, Coptic and transliteration fonts) which may be downloaded (together with essential
read me files for keyboard equivalencies) for use in articles which
are submitted.

They publish in original language, so this may be a very good
starting point.

The only thing is, however, these fonts are true type fonts, the same
as any other, so I don't know whether they will work any better than
any other font which you may presently be using. Anyway. give it a
go. If you have any questions at all about publishing in a different
font on the web, someone at TC may be able to help in any case.

But read this page first:

The fonts may be downlaoded from this page:


Chris Montgomery
Provisional PhD
University of Queensland

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