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From: Clayton Bartholomew (
Date: Sun Aug 17 1997 - 09:57:28 EDT

Rolf's Model of Verb Aspect:

B = beginning, E = end, xxx = area of focus


- -xxxB----------E--- = conative
- ----Bxxx-------E--- = inceptive
- ----B--xxx-----E--- = progressive
(there are more alternatives between B and E)
- ----B------xxxxE--- = egressive
- ----B-------xxxEx-- = resultative


- --xBxxxxxxxxxxEx-- = seen as a whole


- --xBxxxxxxxxxxEx-- = seen as a whole
- ---xBxx-------E--- = ingressive
- -xxxBxxxxxx---E--- = a part is viewed

A comment on Rolf's model:

Is this model of verb aspect tied to K. Greek verb morphology?
Since the marking provided in verb morphology is the only hard
data we have, a model which does not include this marking is
simply a system of semantic abstractions. If an aspect model is
intended to be independent of verb morphological categories
then this should be explicitly shown in the model.

A note on terminology:

Rolf's use of the term *Perfect* appeared to include two distinct
meanings. In some places *Perfect* appears to be used as a
morphological category and in other places it appears to be a
synonym for *Perfective* which is an aspectual abstraction.

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

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