Re: 3rd-person imperatives in the Lord's Prayer (etc)

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Tue Aug 19 1997 - 13:50:45 EDT

Ben Crick wrote;

> Bishop John Robinson was drawn into the dating business by the Gospel of
>John. 19th century German critics placed it into the 2nd century; but the
>DSS and
> other finds forced the date back to 90-100 AD. Robinson still thought that
> unbelievably late, since the Gospel makes no mention of the sack of Jerusalem
> and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. Robinson abandoned the Werner
> Kümmel consensus of 1963. Owing to scholarly "sloth", the "tyranny of
> unexamined assumptions" and "almost wilful blindness", people had abandoned
> the traditional authorship and dating of the NT books, he claimed.

Would you agree with Bishop Robinson's thesis about the authorship of II
Peter? You seem a bit selective in your citation of witnesses and data.

I hope that most on the list can just let this go by without need of
detailed refutation. It would carry us far a field and probably would not
change any minds.

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