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From: Ben Crick (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 17:31:34 EDT

On Wed 20 Aug 97 (06:24:21), wrote:
> ... I think it should be noted that the so-called "Higher Criticism" is a
> subject outside the limits of discussion appropriate to B-Greek, while
> "Lower Criticism"--analysis and discussion of the MS traditions of the
> Biblical Greek text--is quite appropriate (I confess to having always
> felt somewhat disturbed by the designation of these two {often
> undisciplined} disciplines as "higher" and "lower" respectively--even
> as by Aristotle's designation of that philosophic realm farthest
> removed from us as "first philosophy"). There is a list concerned
> directly with textual criticism, but ...
> Although the view I've expressed above is my own, I think I may safely say,
> as a member of the B-Greek Staff, that it represents that views of the
> B-Greek Staff and is consistent with the recently-issued revised B-Greek FAQ.

 Dear Carl,

 Thank you for your timely intervention. As you are a member of the B-Greek
 list staff, could you please post me a copy of the new revised B-Greek FAQ?
 I've never yet seen it, though I've been subscribed now for many weeks.

 I'll be only too pleased to comply.

 Revd Ben Crick, BA Bristol, 1963 (hons in Theology)
 232 Canterbury Road, Birchington, Kent, CT7 9TD (UK)

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