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Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 07:24:21 EDT

At 11:09 PM -0500 8/19/97, Stephen C. Carlson wrote:
>At 09:50 8/19/97 +0400, Carlton Winbery wrote:
>>Would you agree with Bishop Robinson's thesis about the authorship of II
>>Peter? You seem a bit selective in your citation of witnesses and data.
>For those not in the know, Robinson proposed that the author of 2 Peter
>is Jude, acting as Peter's agent. This is one of the most interesting,
>if not one of the most far-fetched, ideas in his book.

Let me thank Stephen and at the same time voice a general perspective
(aimed at nobody in particular) on appropriate matters of list discussion.
As a piece of factual information I am glad to have this clarification of
the item in question. However, I think it should be noted that the
so-called "Higher Criticism" is a subject outside the limits of discussion
appropriate to B-Greek, while "Lower Criticism"--analysis and discussion of
the MS traditions of the Biblical Greek text--is quite appropriate (I
confess to having always felt somewhat disturbed by the designation of
these two {often undisciplined} disciplines as "higher" and "lower"
respectively--even as by Aristotle's designation of that philosophic realm
farthest removed from us as "first philosophy"). There is a list concerned
directly with textual criticism, but issues of MS readings often bear
directly upon our concerns with particular Biblical Greek texts. On the
other hand, matters of "Higher Criticism," including what have
traditionally been termed "Source Criticism," "Form Criticism," and
"Redaction Criticism" (as well as a handful of other such "Criticisms" like
"Reader Criticism" and "Traditio-historical Criticism") really don't lend
themselves to disinterested academic discussion on a list such as B-Greek,
where the discussion is hardly ever disinterested and purely academic,
inasmuch as listmembers are, for the most part, existentially concerned
with the content of the Biblical text. And what that means is that honest
and conscientious listmembers of widely-variant and even opposed
convictions on these matters may readily become inflamed--or get flamed, as
the case may be. Although I confess that I have myself crossed over the
line on occasion as I regret, I'd hope that we can be careful enough, in
the interests of generating more light than heat, to refrain from posting
messages that cross over this line.

Although the view I've expressed above is my own, I think I may safely say,
as a member of the B-Greek Staff, that it represents that views of the
B-Greek Staff and is consistent with the recently-issued revised B-Greek

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