Re: 1 Peter 1:2

Date: Sun Aug 24 1997 - 17:47:25 EDT


>I wasn't even thinking about Paul's representation of Peter in Galatians,
>but yes, that surely is the only contemporary eye-witness account of
>Peter's behavior, although it too is colored by Paul's particular position
>on the questions Galatians deals with (and ever since I first began to feel
>that I understood what Galatians is talking about, I've had a suspicion
>that most modern "Christians" would side with Peter against Paul on the
>PRINCIPLE of conformity to a defined code of behavior as validation of

Of course Paul's account is colored by his own position; but he could
hardly have lied about Peter's actual public behavior in Antioch, when the
Galatians were in communication with Jerusalem-authorized missionaries; it
would have too easy to denounce Paul as a liar, and he certainly would lose
his communities in Galatia if he did so.

And of course "most modern 'Christians' would side with Peter against
Paul"in this and other matters. About 30 years ago, Dieter Georgi was
speaking to a seminar of mine (in Berkeley) on Corinthians, and he said,
"The church canonized the writings of Paul; but it adopted the theology of
his opponents." And I think that is true, alas.

"Spamming for Jesus" -- I was wondering whether this would get worse.
We'll have to watch what happens; if Neal keeps it up, publicly, then my
vote and voice is in support (official!) of whatever you write. It may
need to be a formal "warming", in which case don't say you aren't speaking
for the Staff; you ARE. David gave me authority to act in whatever way I
see fit in these matters, without going to the Staff for a vote (that isn't
what the staff is for); I made clear in my acceptance of the task that the
one person I would consult would be you. (I had hoped to include Ed Krentz
in this, but he declined to have any formal role.)

As for Greg Jordan-- I, too, went back to some old posts to see if this
might be the same Greg Jordan of a couple years ago or so, but wasn't sure.
Let me know what you find out.

>Enough rambling for an early Sunday morning. We've now had a whole week of
>delightful open-window weather in St. Louis, and it's incredible for
>August! Our classes start this coming Wednesday; that also seems incredible.

WEe also have had some wonderful weather, after an unbearably hot and muggy
summer (oh, how your NC retreat aroused envious thoughts in me!). Our
students are arriving this week, registering, etc. My first class session
is not till Sept. 2, just after Labor Day.

This morning I preached at the baptism of the grandchild of a Wellesley
alum (who was Senior Warden of the parish for several years). The parents
came all the way from Houston to have the baptism here. It was a lovely
event, with an incredibly well-behaved 2-month-old candidate. It has just
struck me that you might want to read the short homily I gave. (Remember
that I haven't inflicted any of my homilies on you for over a year--I write
about ten a year.) You needn't respond to it; but I'll convert it to ASCII,
Kermit it to the College and its server, and send it on to you this



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