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Date: Sat Aug 23 1997 - 22:11:13 EDT

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>  ... ... I don't think a purely Greek analysis of these expressions is
> possible, inasmuch as hUPARCEIN construed with the dative has a very
> Semitic ring to it, parallel to HYH plus the L preposition. ... ...

 It suddenly occurred to me that there is something Slavonic about this too.
 In Russian "to have" is HMyETb; but often the preposition Y (oo) is used
 with the Genitive personal pronoun, "to be" understood: Y MyENyA KNHGA, I have
 a book, rather than HMyEyU KNHGY. This parallels the Semitic HaYaH LiY SePheR.

 Just my $0.02

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