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Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 06:57:32 EDT

At 12:14 AM -0500 8/26/97, wrote:
>I read with interest a question and a reply recently. As they may also be of
>some interest to my friends, I'd like to forward them. Never having done
>this before from a scholarly list I am wondering if there is a protocol --
>such as seeking permission of the principal(s) or of the list management.
> Are there any courtesies in general practice? Copyright implications? It
>is my intention of course not to abuse the candor of list participants or to
>violate the intent of the list.
>David Jambor

Under the heading "Netiquette" the FAQ reads as follows:

     "2. It is considered to be in very poor taste to post to the list
items that have been sent off list. Before doing so always consult the
author to see if this is acceptable. Complaints from authors of messages
that have been posted to the list without their consent will be reviewed by
the BG Staff and appropriate action will be taken, if necessary."

This is somewhat different here; what is really offensive is posting to the
list private off-list correspondence. In a sense, what has been posted to
the list is in the public domain and is accessible at the archives
(although the archives have not been updated recently). I would certainly
seek the consent of the original posters before forwarding the message or
thread to another list, and I think it would be a courtesy to seek consent
even for forwarding to friends, even if there is no strict protocol
governing that case.

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