Re: Spamming for Jesus is good

From: John Neal (
Date: Sun Aug 24 1997 - 00:07:56 EDT

Well, Jim, I can certainly understand your point, of course. It remains
that the message was none other than the gospel. It's simple. You just
don't know the ramifications from the transmission of the gospel,
especially over a medium such as this one. You can't see the people who
receive it, nor can you (usually) directly talk with them. This is
God's world, and God's word fits quite nicely into whatever context one
is willing to receive it in. I realize that all have different contexts
of reception, but just because one's does not coincide with another's,
you ought not to impede the work of Christ. (Even if the originator of
the message did it in spite - as Paul said, "whether in pretense or in
truth,Christ is proclaimed; and in that I rejoice". - Philippians 1:18).

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