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Date: Sat Aug 30 1997 - 23:51:59 EDT

31st August, 1997
Larry writes:
> I have been attempting acquire a feeling for the Greek text [by]
memorizing and recit[ing] the text audibly ...

1 Timothy 4: 13
must mean "reading to others" i.e. reading out loud.

I found a fascinating book about the history of reading, but at $30, it was
a bit pricey for me. In the book, the writer points out that Augustine saw
Ambrose muttering quietly to himself while he was reading. Augustine found
this strange, because everybody else read as if they were reading to
others, i.e. audibly.

The book goes on to say that reading silently only became common around the
beginning of the second millennium.

I bet the great library of Alexandria was a noisy place!

I love reading my Greek testament aloud, and trying to read with

However, I am unsure how to read passages that have a conjunction or
preposition as the second word!

I find memorisation difficult, much harder than when I was a child.

Passages become familiar, but I can't recite without a book in front of me.

David McKay

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