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From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Sat Aug 30 1997 - 14:21:33 EDT

Carl Conrad commented

It's a pretty-widely accepted
view that chapter 21 is an addendum to a gospel that has been brought to a
conclusion in 20:30-31. Chapter 20 describes four resurrection epiphanies
(the first one is not really an epiphany, although it is a sign of the
resurrection's reality), all of them in Jerusalem, which is consistent with
Luke's resurrection account. . . . This appended
chapter, which is certainly in the same style as the twenty preceding
chapters, serves at least two purposes: (1) it acknowledges the Galilean
epiphany-tradition; (2) it brings a sort of closure to questions regarding
the relationship of Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple, acknowledging the
leadership role of Peter that is so clearly in evidence in the Synoptics
while at the same time underscoring the centrality of the figure of the
Beloved Disciple in the Johannine narrative.


I want to react briefly to Carl's comment about the style of John 21. While
the sentence structure may resemble John 1-20, the vocabulary is very
different. Check the lists in Charles Kingsley Barrett's commentary on John.

It supports the view that John 21 is an addendum, by a different member of
the Johannine school.

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