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From: Clayton Bartholomew (
Date: Sun Aug 31 1997 - 06:52:59 EDT

Carl wrote:

As I've tried to say, I don't really think that META TAUTA at the beginning
of a new section IS bland at all without the addition of some linking

Carl has brought to light an intriguing phenomena. I started out my study of NT
Greek reading John's Gospel and the Apocalypse. Since META TAUTA\TOUTO
appeared a number of times introducing a clause I had come to accept it as a
normal (i.e., bland) way of introducing a clause. Now, prompted by Carl's
comments I have found that except for two occurrences in Acts (15:16, 18:1)
this construction is limited to John and the Apocalypse.

I have become aware from reading Carl's, Edgar's and Edward's posts that my
notion of *normal* Greek is skewed by the limited scope of my early reading.
You would think that spending a number of years studying books like Hebrews
and Luke/Acts would have eradicated some of this early training but
apparently not as much as one would wish.
I am beginning to wonder if the conventional wisdom of having beginning
students read the simple authors like John is really all that wise. Perhaps it
would be better to start with something like Luke.

Carl, thank you again for all the constructive criticism. I am beginning to
appreciate the real benefits of being on this list. Now I am going to go attack a
few lines of Sophocles.

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

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