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At 6:50 PM +1000 9/1/97, Rick Strelan wrote:
>Can anyone suggest published literature on Paul's Greek. I am aware of the
>standard Grammars (Blass/deBrunner, Turner (M&M) etc) but I'm looking for
>more specialist studies. I'd be interested in people's comments about
>whether or not there was such a thing as jewish Greek. Horsley (New Docs 5)
>certainly rejects any sych claims, and his arguments are pretty convincing
>to me.

Simon Wong's study of the verbs in Paul is due out sometime in the near
future from Peter Lang. Wong has analyzed the complements which appear with
these verbs. I don't think his book would help with the question of Jewish
Greek, though.

I had his email address in Hong Kong, but I think he may have moved. Are
you there, Simon? If he doesn't answer, does anyone know his current email

My own view of the 'Jewish Greek' question is that there is always some
influence of one language on another in bilingual communities, but that
does not mean that members of such communities use a different dialect of
either of their languages or even that their differences from monolingual
speaker of one of the two languages are consistent from one speaker to
another. It may well be that Paul's knowledge of Hebrew or Aramaic
influenced his writing in some ways, for example, but the same influence
may or may not show up in another Greek speaker who also knew the same
other language that Paul did. It is a little misleading to speak of "Jewish
Greek" as though it were a variety of Greek shared by members of the Jewish
community anywhere in the Greco-roman world, though it may be legitimate to
speak of a Hebrew of Aramaic influence on the writing of a particular

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