Re: a wide margined text

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Wed Sep 03 1997 - 16:25:56 EDT

William Lohr wrote:
> i have been searching for quite some time for a GNT that has wider than
> average margins... not like those in the nestle/aland text. i tracked
> one down in cambridge, UK, but it slipped trough my fingers. it was
> published in 1910 by oxford press. There must be others. space for
> annotations is quite handy.
> do any of you have ideas where to look next...
> thanks,
> william lohr


I hadn't thought of using it it for this purpose, but I don't see why not...

I've found that recently that I've been using the Frieberg's[sp?]
Analytical GNT for a lot of my "non-critcal" reading (e.g. my daily
practice of reading aloud).

Now, first, it has no crtical apparatus (I actually find this an advantage
for my purposes). Also, you have to get used to ignoring the interlinear
morphological keying.

Nonetheless, it's a modern critical text (i.e. not TR/MjT, or most likely
like the 1910 edition you mention above). But more importantly, the
typeface is much easier to read than, say, NA or UBS4. And the volume is
reasonably easy to find.

Finally, for your purposes, it may not have huge margins, but certainly
there would be more room for anotations than in the NA (for example).

(BTW, this is in no way meant to disparge the intended uses of the
Frieberg text. It's just that I also find it handy --if a little bulky--
for use as a "reader's editio"n.)

Just a suggestion,

Nichael Cramer

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