Re: a wide margined text

From: Jim Oxford (
Date: Wed Sep 03 1997 - 19:07:41 EDT

At 5:36 PM 9/3/97, John Baima wrote:

>I have an old NA25th edition with a wide margin, but I also have (and use
>much more) a large print, interleaved (each page of text has a facing blank
>page) NA26th. It is large for carrying about, but it can hold a lot of
>notes :-) I believe that the Bible Societies still sell the interleaved NA

I also use a large print NA26 with opposite blank pages (I just hope that I
never lose it, for if I do, I lose about 10 years of work as well). It was
my understanding, however, that this type of NT went out of print several
years ago. Can anyone confirm whether this format is still in print? I
know folk who are interested in procuring a copy.


Jim Oxford
PhD candidate in NT
Baylor University

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