From: David Perkins (dwperk@mail.iamerica.net)
Date: Fri Sep 05 1997 - 19:18:12 EDT

Dear B Greekers,

Are you experiencing the sort of email day that I am?

I have received over 240 pieces of mail today, 80% of it from B Greek. A
good deal of that mail is duplicate copies of the same letter. Some are
short, personal notes or brief quips.

An open forum (in Carl's words) is a grand thing. But, I would request
that some of us curb the more repetitive and personal posts or route them
to the individual subscriber to whom they pertain.


David Perkins
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
PO Box 2172/806 Concordia
Vidalia, LA
318 336-7405

David W. Perkins

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