Re: Qualitative and Indefinite (grandmothers, eggs & questions of salience etc)

From: John Kendall (
Date: Sun Sep 07 1997 - 22:36:27 EDT

Larry Kruper wrote re Stephen Levinsohn,

> if he has broadened his research techniques to include as you say above
> 'non-articular substantives' which I presume you mean includes those
> which are not proper names I would be very interested in reading more
> about it. Do you know if this is the case ?

It is the case, though I'm not sure how far he's pursued it. It's certainly an
issue that I'd like to follow up if I had the time and resources.

Apart from an all too brief section in the coursebook I mentioned, the only
published material I recall right now is found in "Anarthrous References to the
Holy Spirit: Another Factor", The Bible Translator 44 (1993) 138-144; and
"Phrase Order and the Article in Galatians" OPTAT 3 (1989) 47-52.

I skimmed the latter paper last year during a visit to the Wycliffe Centre in
England. (Through a personal contact, I had the privilege as an outsider of
sitting in on a series of workshops, where Stephen was shredding through his
book with a group of SIL colleagues with a view to producing a corrected,
improved and more accessible edition. I guess I was a sort of non-linguist
guinea pig!) Though I didn't take a copy of the paper, I seem to remember that
it deals with articular and non-articular uses of QEOS, NOMOS and PISTIS in
Galatians. Sadly since then, I've just not had time to follow things up as I
would have liked.

Stephen may well have other material on this matter in issues of OPTAT or JOTT
but at present I have no ready access to a library that stocks them.

Hope this helps,

John Kendall

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