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From: Frantz Iago (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 10:49:48 EDT

}1. Do you currently use the LXX? Approximately how many times per year?

Yes. I read it two or three times per week.

}2. If you do not currently use the LXX, would you be more likely to, if
}there were appropriate tools available, such as I am outlining below?

I use beside the printed text the tools available from Gramcord, Accordance 2.0
 It is the best software and tool for Bible research I have ever used and
tested. I have almost everything in the market, and this one is the best in my

}3. Would you use a book similar to Metzger's which:
} assumed knowledge of words which occur 50 times or more in the NT [and
}which can be found in Kubo's Reader's appendix]
} gave you a list of words which occur 50 times or more in the LXX but
}occur less than 50 times in the NT
} gave you lists of words that occur 40, 30, 20 etc times, similar to
} included a brief guide to using the LXX as a tool for NT and OT

I have to see the book first to say if it is worth or not. So far I have no
need for something like that, but it may be that many other students need it.
Sound a good idea.

}4. If there were a one volume Reader's Greek-English Lexicon to the LXX,
}which included the above in appendices and was styled on the Armstrong,
}Busby and Carr
}Hebrew-English Reader's Lexicon of the OT, would you be prepared to pay
}approximately $100 for it and use it?

No. No because the money, but because I see no need for it when there are
software with this kind of resources already and the prices are fair, and
getting better.

} The ABC Hebrew lexicon was progressively published over 8 years, and then
}came out in a 1 volume format. If an LXX lex ...(hey, I like that! LXX
}lex!) is produced, it will be a similar lengthy exercise, as a labour of
}love, as any publishing company which took it on would not make any money
}out of it!
}Thank you for your time in reading this.
}David McKay

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