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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 18:11:49 EDT

At 01:37 PM 9/5/97 -0400, Rod Decker wrote:
>What's the status on the b-greek archives for the summer months? The web
>page indicates that "June 17, 1997 - present (currently munged - I'm
>working on it...)." I have cited several posts (earlier than June) in my
>dissertation, and would like to be able to provide a URL for some recent
>discussions as well (including Carl's post today in response to a query I
Hi, Rod,

The status is basically that I'm very busy looking for a job right now, at
the same time that I am meeting deadlines for a job that I have, and I am
basically spending no time maintaining the B-Greek archives. It is very easy
to post the messages that have accumulated in my mailbox to the archives;
the difficulty is in (a) sorting through all the messages to make sure that
I'm not including private messages, which can take significant time, and (b)
setting up the mechanism I was using previously to automatically archive
each message as it comes in.

Right now, I'm spending no leisure time in front of the computer, since I
just have to get away sometimes. This isn't a permanent condition, but it
probably will last for the next few months.

I can ask the B-Greekers if anybody has a sanitized version of the posts
since June 17th, and post what I receive. At some point, I'll set up the
automated archiving (everything on SunSITE changed, and the way I knew how
to do it is no longer available because they tightened up security).


Jonathan Robie
POET Software, 3207 Gibson Road, Durham, N.C., 27703

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