Romans 1: 29

Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 20:10:48 EDT

29 peplhrwmenouj pash adikia porneia poneria pleonexia kakia mestous
 phthonou phonou eridos dolou kakoeteeias psithuristas

There are five substantives in dative sigular form, adikia, porneia (not in
aleph or B), poneria, pleonexia, kakia. Then comes the adjective mestous,
which is accusative plural, then five more substantives in genitive singular
form, ending with psithuristas, which is accusative plural. According to the
rules of grammar as I understand them, the accusative plural adjective is
always to describe the accusative plural noun. So my question is this: why
do the translations connect the adjective with phthonou, which is genitive
singular? I know Greek is very elastic, but is it this flexible?
                                       Joe Garnier

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