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From: Michael Hildenbrand (echad@uclink.berkeley.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 22:11:43 EDT

I want to thank members of this list for their suggestions to my request a
few days ago. I was very pleasantly surprised at the generous responses.
Here are the suggestions with all due credit and comments:
I taught Greek for a decade at the seminary level and found the best text
for my purposes to be Eugene Van Ness Goetchius, *The Language of the New
Testament" (Scribners). The text is keyed to a comprehensive workbook
that has excellent exercises for students to do daily.

Most of those seminarians had little or no background in Greek, but they
were master's students with considerably more experience with English
than undergraduates. Even if you found Goetchius too complex for your
students, you would find it to be an invaluable teaching aid and the
workbook exercises to be applicable to your students.

David Perkins

I teach a NT Greek class at my church. I've used three texts, Efird, New
Testament Greek; Voeltz, Fundamental Greek Grammar; and Story & Story, Greek
to Me. They are all texts used at Princeton Theological Seminary, so they are
readily available to me. Of the three, I prefer Greek to Me, because it gets
into reading Biblical Greek quickly -- I think by the fourth chapter. Dale
Wheeler of Multnomah says he has used it very successfully and recommends it
highly. It also introduces lots of vocab, which is one of the drawbacks I had
coming out of Efird. I peronally dislike the font, but I haven't found much
else to quarrel with. They use lots of goofy cartoons, which put some people
off, but I think the text is well thought out. Here's Lyle Story's email,
lylesto@beacon.regent.edu, if you are interested in following this up. The
other text that seems to get recommended frequently is Bill Mounce's Basics of
Biblical Greek. I don't know it personally. Eric Weiss (also on this
reflector) taught a class at his church with it. Eric's email is

Good luck and God bless.

Karen Pitts

Try Ray Summers' "Essentials of New Testament Greek."
It is now being sold in a revised editon, with more exercises - but no
English to Greek.

I would recommend William Mounces Basics of Biblical Greek

Kevin W. Woodruff, M.Div.
nothing better for first year than Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical
Greek. It is comprehensive, extremely readable and designed to help
students learn Greek. Also, has workbook which makes assignments much
easier. You can also order from Zondervan a teaching packet with
overheads, answers, quizzes, and tests (be warned the tests are heavy
duty--I shorten them by at least a third lest top students have to work
two hours to complete an exam).


Michael Hildenbrand

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