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Dear List,

How did the ancient audience hear Christ's use of the word _pneuma_ in John

1. Does the context, especially the use of the word _houtws_ later in the
verse necessitate the meaning "wind" ? The reason I bring up _houtws_ is
because it seems to indicate the presence of a simile which would require
the meaning "wind" for _pneuma_.

2. Or did the ancient hear "spirit" as the larger context of the New
Testament seems to indicate? In the rest of the New Testament the word
_anemos_ seems to be the prefered word for "wind."

3. Or did _pneuma_ carry a broader signification than either English _wind_
or _spirit_ which we cannot readily translate into English more like
Hebrew's _ruax_?

4. Other?

If 3 is our best guess, do you have a suggestion for the poor translators?

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