Re: ALLOS and Jn. 1:1c/Was Anarthrous Subject

Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 19:07:39 EDT

Hello, Cindy:

 John quotes Jesus as saying EGW KAI O PATHR hEN ESMEN in Jn. 10:33. At
 one good option for the meaning of this clause is that Jesus and the Father
 form a complex unit of which both are parts or members. I assume that the
 use of PROS in 1:1b and 1:2 would not exclude the idea of Jesus as a member
 relating to such a complex unit. This would be consistent with two of the
 views suggested for Jn. 1:1c. That is, hO LOGOS could be taken as a
 of QEOS (a complex unit) whether the emphasis is on the quality of QEOS, or
 QEOS is taken as definite. >>

Can you tell us what "complex unit" you are referring to, specifically? Also,
where in the Bible is such a "complex unit" is discussed? I see no complex
unit in John 10:33, anymore than I do in John 17:22, HINA WSIN HEN KATHWS

Greg Stafford
University of Wisconsin

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