hINA, this time in 1 John 1:9

From: Paul Zellmer (zellmer@isabela.faith.edu.ph)
Date: Sun Sep 07 1997 - 13:00:48 EDT

Let me piggy-back on the recent discussion Larry Kruper started on
hINA+Subjunctive. In 1 John 1:9, the translations generally give the
initial sense of, "He is faithful and just," *with respect to*
forgiving and cleansing. Yet the forgiving and cleansing are
subjunctives introduced by hINA, right?

Robertson in his "big yellow tome," as Jonathan likes to put it, claims
this is a clear case of actual result, which he contrasts to the
position held by Burton's position that there are no real cases in the
NT of actual result expressed in this way.

We are trying to come up with a way to express this verse in the Ibanag
language, but we have two different options: one which follows the
general understanding of the English reader, and one which would state
roughly, "He is faithful and just in order that he forgives our sins
and cleanses us..." I hesitate to go to far afield from the
traditional translation, but we also need to know what the Greek is
doing here so we can make an intelligent decision.

Anyone have something to add to the "hINA" discussion?


                                                 Paul and Dee Zellmer, Jimmy Guingab
                                                           Ibanag Translation Project
                                                               Cabagan, Philippines


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